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09 January 2006 @ 05:18 pm
Good Game!  
[17:02] Matt: didja hear all about the awesome end to our match?
[17:04] fiendishlycute76: no.
[17:05] Matt: omg omg omg omg omg
[17:05] Matt: it was radar and we were 1-1
[17:06] Matt: for the last set, we had to defend first, we held them off for 9:30
[17:06] Matt: then we got the first set of parts with maybe 2:00 to spare
[17:07] Matt: All of us died, except for Naters, who was boxed in by that one antenna thing on the left side as you walk thru the main gate
[17:07] Matt: we spawn and rush in to help him, there's maybe 30 seconds left
[17:07] Matt: I get picked off from afar, some of the other folks manage to get up to Nate and help him out.. They get the parts with like 8 seconds
[17:08] Matt: I spawn, and come running out, to see Nate making a mad dash from the parts towards the truck, TT behind him fending off medics
[17:08] Matt: I got the hell out of their way
[17:08] Matt: Nate was about 10 feet from the truck with 0:01 to go
[17:08] Matt: it ticked down to 0:00, he kept running
[17:08] Matt: and in that last split-second between when the time runs out and when the map ends, he jumped for the truck and made it
[17:09] fiendishlycute76: That's why Nate is ET God.