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Server News:

Due to billing issues. We have ended our contract with the server company. Therefore there are now only two servers. Both on the Patched side.

Our new pride being the Stats Box Server. Located at The other server is our match server which has a new password. Located at

General News:

At this moment FMG for TWL purposes has been consolidated. This does not mean that FMG has dissolved... Just that to accomadate the ever growing male section, we've decided to take on the one's that were unable but willing to play on the 3vs3 Ladder.

Match News:

Old FMG Team
Defending: TeamSNA

SW_Frostbite, SW_Reactor, SW_Dubrovnik

Match Date:
Friday, December 23 9:00 PM EST

FM Team
Defending: Team

SW_SW_Goldrush, SW_SupplyDepot2, SW_Frostbite

Match Date:
Thursday, December 22 11:00 PM EST

FM 6vs6 Team
Attacking: Dawgs of War

SW_Wurzburg Radar

Match Date:
Tuesday, December 20 9:00 PM EST


Quite a few of the clan's member's have decided to join the TWL 1vs1 Ladder! So far this is the list I have compiled of exsisting member's on the ladder:
Master Shake
TT Boy
Porthos (A friend of Shakes and Goldie)

As of this post although there are exsisting challenges, only one member (myself) has a match set up.

Attacking soulrider4ever
Map: SW_1v1_BeerRun Arena
Match Date: Tuesday, December 20 11:30 PM EST
Renjii <3!

Match results.

Both the boy's team AND the girl's team lost thier 3vs3 matches tonight. (Not entirely sure what happened with the boy's... But the girls? I'm sick, so is delaynee and poor goldeyes86, her connection is just fuxored. PLUS! We had no idea what to do for that last map.. Guess will be running a couple of Sub practices, huh ladies?)

Oh well. Better luck next time.
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Quote from TT Boy:


->m|dunno. looks like that

black ->m
green |
white name


Match tonight. Twl six vs six..

Fiend's personal thought? I hope we kick thier asses. Cause of all the people FMG has been up against? This team in particular is the biggest bunch of asshats..Eva.

Edit: The asshats...I mean, challenging team, (cause yes, they challenged us) only showed with four players, violating TWL rules of minus one. About forty five minutes late! AND! AND! Didn't have correct GUIDS! Like wow.. And they wanna go Alpha next season!?

Notice the time in the lower left of the actual cross refrence... Yeeup. So we won by forfiet. Asshats.
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Current practice schedules are as followed~

FMG ~ Mon. and Wed. nights at 9 pm EST. In the practice match server.

Group practice is as followed ~

Demon asks anyone arround at five pm EST show up in the practice server, for strat runs. As this is the best time to run them with him.


Official time is Friday at 8 PM EST.

All practices are to be run in the practice match server. IP is Email for server password... (Not that every TWL team we've faced ain't already got it.)

Also: Please feel free to check out this other LJ community. It's primarily for Girl's Gamers of ET, but..yeaah. wolf_et_chicks
Renjii <3!

Upcoming Matches!

FM Boy's Team ~Attacking: Baby Dicks

SW_SupplyDepot2, SW_SW_Goldrush, SW_Dubrovnik

Match Date:
Saturday, November 19 8:00 PM EST

FMG ~Defending: Slash Kill Yourself

SW_Frostbite, SW_Ice, SW_mp_sub_rc1

Match Date:
Saturday, November 19 10:00 PM EST

The Whole Group baby! ~ Defending: Alpha This.


Match Date:
Friday, November 18 9:00 PM EST

FME Clanbase ~ Match: memento mori Sweden versus Forward Momentum Europe Europe
Status: Challenged by memento mori (number of counter challenges: 2)
Date: Sunday 11 December 15:00 (21:00 Sweden, 21:00 Europe)
Levels: sw_goldrush/et_beach
Cup: ET ET 3v3